Check out our 1st Coaching Clinic & Fair of the Year!

Big thanks to all of our elementary & middle school coaches and athletic directors who joined us for our first coaching clinic of the 2019-2020 season on August 17th!

Check out our 1st Coaching Clinic & Fair of the Year!



 On Saturday, August 17th,  FIYA hosted its first FREE Coaching Clinic & Fair of the 2019-2020 school year!

We took a deep dive into what it means and what it takes to coach youth school sports 

and also had a chance to break off into sports-specific clinical presentations for our

Fall/Winter Sports which included: 



Presented By: Coach Eric Young

FIYA Girls Volleyball Season starts September 17th

Team Registration deadline is Friday, August 30th 




Presented By: Coach Nick Galvan

FIYA Girls & Boys Flag-Football Seasons start September 17th

Team Registration deadlines for both leagues is Friday, August 30th




Presented By: Coach Mike Rawson

FIYA Boys/Girls Basketball Season starts January 8th

Team Registration deadline is Friday, Nov. 22nd 





FIYA XC meets will be open for registration on starting September 9th

Athlete Registration deadline is 8PM the day before the meet

Meet Dates:

September 25 @ Edward Vincent Park 

October 2 @ Kenneth Hahn State Park 

October 9 @ Cheviot Hills Rec Center

October 16 @ Pan Pacific Park 

October 23 @ Kenneth Hahn State Park 

October 30 @ Edward Vincent State Park 




All of our attendees and guest speakers for making this event such a success!

Big shout out to all of our FIYA panelists and speakers who volunteered

their time and energy to present and contribute their knowledge and resources to our clinic.

This kind of communal involvement is what drives our events and allows us

to provide our clinics free of cost to all of our participants.

To our coaches / athletic directors who attended -

Thank you for your commitment to serving our Los Angeles youth and for taking the extra initiative to better yourselves as leaders and mentors for the good of your student-athletes. 

You all helped make this event possible! 



+ a current FIYA participating coach

+ a Los Angeles elementary/middle school coach 

+ a school in need of coaches

+ or an aspiring middle school coach looking for a team, 


By attending clinics like this,

you can not only better yourself as a coach/ mentor

but also contribute to the positive experiences in school sports

you'll provide for your student athletes. 





CLICK HERE to learn more about 

3 of our Guest Speakers who presented

at this Fall's Coaching Clinic! 



FREE and open to ALL elementary & middle school coaches in Los Angeles,

Join FIYA and the rest of our community for any of our future clinics and events.

Learn more about coaching youth sports,

network with our community and fellow coaches, 

or tune in on a special guest presentation

by one of our highly experienced and successful youth coach speakers.

At the least, you will learn something new,

meet a new face, make a new connection,

or be inspired to enhance the athletic program at your school! 




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For those of you who currently serve the FIYA community and our participating schools as coaches, we'd like to take this time to thank you for your efforts, hard work, leadership, and commitment to our students and sports programs. Without you, many teams' participation would not be possible. You not only serve our students as coaches but as mentors, role models, and set the example of what positive leadership looks like. We hope you continue to make sacrifices for your kids, show good sportsmanship in both winning and losing, and continue to portray the positive characteristics that make an influencial coach.

You have the power to impact and inspire the lives of our youth through sports. 

Because of this, FIYA will do all that we can to provide you with free tools, resources, and clinics like this one to ensure you have access to new coaching lessons and opportunities. If you put in the time and the effort, you will continue to grow in your coaching abilities and make a greater difference in your athletic programs and your students' lives. So we hope you take advantage of this time to work on your game, learn from your peers, and enagage with the rest of our community coaches so that together, we can strengthen our schools through sports and create an even more united youth sports culture.  #togetherFIYA 



Note: FIYA is not responsible nor liable for the coaches in attendance nor are we supplying these coaches to your schools, rather we're creating the space and opportunity for you to meet people in the community who are interested in the job and passionate about coaching. If you are to move forward with or hire a coach from this clinic / fair, all logistics, background checks, and other procedures comes down to your schools and must be completed by your schools accordingly and in alignment with your specific protocol.