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Give Back & Donate to FIYA programs!



Be a Part of a Bigger Future in Youth Sports! 

A Letter from FIYA Executive Director, John Mueller


Dear FIYA Families, Friends, & Members of the FIYA Community, 

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Foundation for Interscholastic Youth Athletics (FIYA), I extend warm holiday greetings to you.  As another calendar year closes, I am thankful for the many people who make FIYA the vibrant organization it is today. Since our founding in 2011, school administrators, coaches, officials work with our small yet highly dedicated staff to provide quality interscholastic youth sports to the middle and elementary schools in Los Angeles County.

New schools continue to join our various sports leagues.  Just with this school year, we have reached all-time highs in the number of teams playing in girls’ volleyball, flag football and basketball.  For the Winter 2020 basketball season we have over 160 teams!  Back in year one of FIYA, the number of basketball teams was in the twenties.  We are on pace to serve over 150 schools and 8000 student athletes in the coming year.  Nearly half of our participating schools serve predominantly lower to moderate income families.  Approximately 80% of our student athletes represent minority groups and more than 33% are female.  Beyond the numbers, we continuously receive feedback from parents, teachers and school administrators that our school-based sports programs provide the incentive for their kids to excel in the classroom.  Our mission of
strengthening schools through sports is alive and well!  

As a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, FIYA looks to any and all means of support to help maintain the quality care and services our organization provides for all of our youth student athletes and involved members of our community.  Not only do we serve our community through FIYA athletic programs, competitions, and other experiences, but in following our visions and mission, we're helping schools in economically disadvantaged areas of Los Angeles to develop their school's athletic programs. We wish to establish, build, and develop more accessible athletic platforms for these schools' students so they may experience the values, education, and physical activity that come with participating in school athletics. 


This holiday season, please consider giving back to FIYA so we can continue serving our school communities to the fullest. If we raise $500 by the end of the month, our friends at Kindest will match it!


We have three (3) areas of need that we wanted to share and humbly ask for your assistance. 




This past year FIYA has worked to provide coaches with as many tools to be successful coaching their student athletes. We offer coaching clinics where we invite established, experienced coaches to speak to FIYA coaches; we have provided various instructional resources through our social media platforms and we have instituted a formal coaching certification program through National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS).  We anticipate a budget of $5,000 to cover the expenses in this area.







As you might imagine, there are various sports equipment needed for our various sports offerings: flags, down markers and yard markers for football, portable scoreboards for basketball, soccer/futsal goals and nets and lots of field paint for our flag football fields and soccer pitches.  We also look to possibly bring new sports offerings to FIYA such as ball hockey which come with their own special equipment.  We anticipate a budget of $10,000 to cover the expenses in this area.







I am blessed to work with dedicated and knowledgeable individuals who share a passion for youth sports. The success of FIYA is tied to the real sacrifices the staff makes.  Our goal is to turn the four current part-time positions – Operations, Communications, Special Projects and Development – into full time positions over the next 3 to 5 years.  We need to double our current payroll budget of $135,000.




 Please forward  this link  of our latest email 

To family, friends, and anyone inside or out of your communities who may be interested in investing in our causes and our foundation. Every effort and contribution goes a long way, and we appreciate all of the support we can get! If you are able to assist in any of the above three areas, simply click on one of the red campaign titles above of your choice, and you'll be directed to it's donation page of which you can make a contribution by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.



If you do not have a campaign preference, click HERE for FIYA's general donations page. If you'd like to send a check to FIYA, our address is PO Box 451373, Los Angeles, CA 90045 and please be sure to include your name, email, home address, and indicate your campaign preference (if any). 



Be sure to check out Our Nonprofit Page and click the "About" tab to get a deeper understanding of our fundraising efforts, needs, and the long-lasting impact you will make on our community!


May your 2020 be a fantastically filled year of joyous moments and fond memories.



Best wishes,

John Mueller
FIYA Executive Director





We believe that donating or sponsoring a charitable cause can be very personal, having purpose and significance both for our organization but also for our donor. In that spirit, FIYA has various ways in which you can donate to your most desired preference! 

Check out our Kindest Nonprofit Page and click the "About" tab to see which means of donating you're most interested in. 




If you have experience in coaching, athletics, health & wellness, youth development, or simply want to volunteer for a good cause, please reach out to us and see how you can get involved!

FIYA is always looking for more partnership opportunities with anyone from athletes to coaches, trainers, health professionals, to other sports, youth, health & wellness-related figures who together, can help FIYA provide more workshops, trainings, presenations, and other related opportunities for our underserved schools and student athletes!

Contact our Communications & Publicity Coordinator at if you're interested or think you can positively contribute to our community! We'd love to hear your ideas and what you can bring to our organization.