FIYA Track & Field 2019


As of now, we will be holding 5 invitational meets for the 2019 season, so check back here for more details, dates, and other information on our upcoming season. If you're interested in participating in the 2019 season, please continue reading below for more information and FAQ on our Track & Field Program, meets, and registration process. FIYA Track & Field Rules, Order of Events, and Records also can be found with the links to the right. We look forward to antoher awesome season, so you won't want to miss it! 



SUNDAY, MARCH 31ST @ Notre Dame High School

SUNDAY, APRIL 7TH @ Palisades Charter High School 

FRIDAY, APRIL 26TH @ Culver City High School 


FRIDAY, MAY 10TH @ Culver City High School 




Friday Meets - 4PM, Coaches Meeting @ 3:30PM  

Sunday Meets - 12PM, Coaches Meeting @ 11:30AM


Special thanks to our local high schools for hosting FIYA's 2019 Track & Field Program! 




In order to ensure that your school's track team is familiar with how FIYA conducts its track meets, please make sure that your track coaches carefully read the information on our track page. There are some changes to our upcoming track season so it is important that track coaches read all the information. This serves as a checklist of sorts. 


1.  Please read the dates above for our 2019 season along with our "Track & Field FAQ and Important Information" highlighted in blue at the bottom of this page. 


2.  Under "Track and Field Links" to the right of this page (FIYA Track), print out the two documents:  (a) "Order of Track Events and General Rules for 2018 FIYA Track & Field Season" and (b) Specific Rules for FIYA Field Events:  Shot Put, Long Jump & Turbo Javelin".  Prior to registering for a FIYA track & field meet, please read through these two documents.


3.  Now that you have completed steps 1 and 2 above, you are ready to actually register for each FIYA track meet that your school team desires to participate.  Track registration for the 2019 season is being handled through  Assuming your school does not already have an account with Athletic.Net, the FIYA track registration process becomes a two part process:  The first part is to create a free account and the second part (after you receive an email and confirm activation) is to actually register for each FIYA track meet your school desire to participate.




  • Go to
  • Click "Create Free Account"
  • Complete information and click "Next Step"
  • Click "Coach/Event Director"
  • Click "Find Team" and a Find-Your-Team pop up box should appear.  In the pop up box, do the following:  Select "Track and Field, select "Middle School" and select "California" and then type in your school name.  Assuming that your school has never created an account before, you should then be able to click "Add Your Team".
  • (This step is somewhat repetitive) - For Select Team Type - click Middle School; For School Info - complete all boxes and for State/Region, be sure to select "CA:  Los Angeles"; For Select League, Division - nothing needs to be put here; For Contact Info - enter information along with password and phone and then Click Submit Request.  You should receive an email and then you activate your free membership.



  • Go to
  • Upper right hand corner, click log in and enter log in information
  • Under "My Teams", you should see name of your school and below that an icon for your Track & Field Team Page.  Click the icon.
  • Click "Add a Meet"
  • Under "Find An Event", make sure the state is California and then click on the FIYA track meet date for which your team is interested:  March 31, April 7, April 26, May 4/5 (TBD) or May 10.
  • You can register your athletes for the FIYA meet(s).  Please note the closing deadline to register for each meet.  To register your athletes, it will require you to input the athlete information.
  • Payment for track meets can occur at the track meet by check.  Please note to offset the facility costs, we do charge a spectator admission of $5 per adult.  Please let your families know so they are prepared.



FIYA Track & Field


a)  FIYA will be utilizing electronic timing at all five meets.  School teams cannot just show up on the day of the meet and participate.  That is, all teams must pre-register.

b)  In order to participate in any of the five meets, school representatives will need to register their teams online.  The registration for each meet will CLOSE about 48 hours prior to the date of the meet.  If an athlete is NOT pre registered, he/she CANNOT participate.  

c)  If a team or athlete shows up to any of the FIYA track meets and has not specifically registered online for any of those meets, he/she will NOT be allowed to participate.  

d)  Fees - there are two fees:  The athlete fee is $12.50 per athlete per meet for nonmember schools and $10 per athlete per meet for member schools.  (If your school has completed a membership fee on our registration page for $100 for the 2017-18 school year for $100 then your school is a member school.)  In addition, our track meets have an adult spectator fee of $5 per adult per meet.  An adult is anyone 18 years of age or over.  For the athletes, by registering them online, we will have a bib number for them.  You only pay for the bib numbers pre-registered.  This means that you cannot add bib numbers on the day of the meet and it means you cannot get refunds for unused bib numbers.

FIYA Track and Field meets consist of six divisions:  

(1) Division 1 Boys                                    (4) Division 1 Girls

(2) Division 2 Boys                                    (5) Division 2 Girls

(3) Division 3 Boys                                    (6) Division 3 Girls

*Division 1 is for 8th grade and below

*Division 2 is for 6th grade and below

*Division 3 is for 4th grade and below



1.     1600 Meter - D2 Girls and D2 Boys, D1 Girls and D1 Boys (Waterfall)

2.     4 X 100 Meter relay - D3 Girls, D3 Boys, D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

3.     400 Meter - D3 Girls, D3 Boys, D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

4.     50 Meter (D3 only on opposite side of 100 M at same time)

5.     100 Meter - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

6.     800 Meter - D3 Girls and D3 Boys (Waterfall)

7.     100 Meter Final - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

8.     800 Meter - D2 Girls and D2 Boys, D1 Girls and D1 Boys (Waterfall)

9.     200 Meter - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys

10.  4 X 200 Meter relay - D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys (Two turn stagger)  4 x 2 will run at the first 2 FIYA track meets only.

11.  4 X 400 Meter relay – D2 Girls, D2 Boys, D1 Girls, D1 Boys (Two turn stagger)  4 x 4 will be run at the last 3 FIYA track meets only.



·      Long Jump – D-1 Girls (starts upon conclusion of coach meeting), D-1 Boys, D-2 Girls, D-2 Boys

·      Turbo Javelin –D-2 Boys (starts upon conclusion of coach meeting), D-2 Girls, D-1 Boys, D-1 Girls, D-3 Boys, D-3 Girls

·      Shot Put – D-2 Girls, D-2 Boys, D-1 Girls, D-1 Boys (Pit opens upon conclusion of 4 x 100 meter relays)



  • Team trophies for top two scoring teams for Division 1 Boys, Division 1 Girls, Division 2 Boys and Division 2 Girls plus an overall team champion trophy for all four divisions combined.  There is no team scoring for Division 3.
  • For Division 3, there is no team scoring and ribbons will be distributed to 1st, 2nd, 3rd place finishers and rest will receive participant ribbons.
  • For Division 1 and Division 2, top six finishers in each event will score 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 & 1 points respectively.  The top four finishers will receive customized ribbon.