Division 1 - LA League

as of September 22, 2017

D-1 Girls Volleyball – LA League

FINAL as of 9/22/17

Centralized at Orchard Academy

Aspire Pacific                                                  Prepa Tec

Aspire CCPA                                                    Skirball

Magnolia Science Academy - 8`                       Orchard

                                                                       Harry Bridges


Thursday September 21st

4 PM  CCPA  v  MSA - 8 (W)

5 PM  Harry Bridges (W)  v  Skirball

Tuesday October 17th

4:00 PM  Aspire Pacific (W)  v  Orchard

4:50 PM  MSA - 8 (W)  v  Prepa Tec



Thursday October 19th

4:00 PM  MSA – 8 (W)  v  Orchard

4:50 PM  Harry Bridges (W)  v  Aspire Pacific

5:40 PM  CCPA  v  Skirball (W)


Tuesday September 26th  

4 PM  Orchard  v  Harry Bridges (W)

5 PM  Prepa Tec (W)  v  CCPA

Tuesday October 24th

4 PM  Orchard (W) v  CCPA

5 PM  Prepa Tec (W)  v  Harry Bridges

Thursday October 26th

4 PM  Aspire Pacific (W)  v  Prepa Tec

5 PM  Skirball  v  MSA – 8 (W)


Tuesday October 3rd

4 PM  Orchard  v  Prepa Tec (W)

5 PM  Skirball (W) v  Aspire Pacific


Thursday October 5th

4:00 PM Aspire Pacific (W)  v  CCPA

4:50 PM Harry Bridges  v  MSA – 8 (W)

5:40 PM Skirball (W)  v  Prepa Tec

Monday October 30th

4:00 PM  Orchard (W)  v  Skirball

4:50 PM  CCPA  v  Harry Bridges (W)

5:40 PM  MSA - 8 (W)  v  Aspire Pacific


Thursday November 2nd

4:00 PM  CCPA (7th Place)  v  Orchard (6th Place)*

4:50 PM  Skirball (3rd Place)  v Harry Bridges (W) (2nd Place)*

5:40 PM  Prepa Tec (5th Place)  v Aspire Pacific (W)(4th Place)*

*For points earned in standings and playoff qualification/seeding these are considered regular season games.

Orchard Academy:  6411 Orchard Ave, Bell, CA 90201